TLAB Swing Trading Academy

Stock Hunter Trading is expanding its classes to include lessons from our main swing trading moderator, Miles – TLAB! A full-time swing trader, you may have seen Miles on Twitter providing swing trade analysis for those looking for longer term equity holds. In the “TLAB Swing Trading Academy”, learn his setups and work hand-in-hand with Miles every step of the way to ensure you become profitable in their trading career. Class will meet weekly for the month of September after market close on Tuesdays from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST or longer. We want you to increase your knowledge of mid to long-term trading with entries, stops, targets and risk management in place. Topics for the “TLAB Swing Trading Academy” include but are not limited to:

Chart Setups

How to get your charts setup as well as how to add all important indicators for swing and trend trading.

In-Depth Technical Analysis

Master the same indicators Miles uses each day and learn proper technical analysis for long term swing trades.

Risk Management

How to properly manage risk and trade to YOUR account size. Implementing a RULE system and having a SET strategy.


Scanning and finding key setups as well as how to properly identify them.

Trade Mentality

Trading psychology, mental capital and controlling emotions for positions lasting days, weeks or even months.

Trade Management

Trade Management, entries, selling, scaling out of positions and how to ride winners for larger gains.

Sign up today for the four-class “TLAB Swing Trading Academy” for only $189! You will have access to all previous recordings as well as 1-on-1 priority mentorship over non-members from Miles himself.  Personal trade tracking portfolio for each member with built-in risk calculator is included.  Miles is with you every step of the way!