Levi’s Raw Technical Analysis Course

Stock Hunter Trading is happy to announce an addition to our education classes, “Levi’s Raw Technical Analysis Course!” As head moderator of Stock Hunter Trading, learn to trade equity as well as options based on the technical indicators that Levi uses. Our class goal is to identify ways to use short and long term technical indicators to appropriately enter trades and to be self-sufficient in you finding these plays yourself. Topics for the “Levi’s Raw Technical Analysis Course” include but are not limited to:


Master the same indicators Levi uses each day to capture the moves and ride winners longer. EMAs, Fibonacci Retracements, Volume, Block Trades and how to properly play pull backs/break outs.

Intraday Trading

Learn and understand a few very simple, yet powerful, setups Levi uses each and everyday to go long and short stocks. How to make sure the risk reward is there before taking a trade.

Entries and Exits

Understand how Levi uses certain criteria and indicators to know when to enter and exit trades. Learn how to maximize profits from a trade without cutting the trade prematurely.

Sympathy Plays

Learn how to trade moving stocks related to a hot sector. Levi will show you his go-to list of tickers for each moving sector.

Risk Assessment

Learn how Levi identifies setups utilizing intraday and hourly charts, reducing emotions on his low risk/high reward game plans.

Trendline Trading

Learn how to buy and sell stock and equity based on short-term and long-term trendlines. Avoid fakeouts.

Identify Bull/Bear Setups

Learn how to identify bear and bull setups and how to trade them in relation to the indicators Levi uses. Avoid fakeouts, buy into support and sell into resistance.

To Short or Not to Short?

Learn to identify stocks that are far too strong to try and short. Knowing when to attack a short is crucial. If you are too early, you can get destroyed. Learn when to avoid such stocks and why.

Choppy Market, Choppy Trades

Learn what times of the day Levi uses to be aggressive or when to sit back and patiently wait for the chart to develop, and setup a trade to avoid the fake breakouts or breakdowns.

Mid/Large Cap Stocks

Learn how to trade mid-large cap stocks without being afraid, using range on your side to maximize profits. You will be surprised how much money you can make on higher priced stocks without having to invest much capital.

Weekly Trade Review

Weekly trade review of all trades taken in the chat room throughout the week. Levi will discuss the foundation behind the trade and why we took that trade in detail. Learn how to scalp intraday utilizing Levi’s indicators.

ThinkOrSwim Studies

Access to Levi’s personal TOS studies and how he uses them in his trades.

Sign up today for the “Levi’s Raw Technical Analysis Course” for a one-time charge of $199 and then only $49/month subscription fee after that! You will have access to all previous recordings as well as 1-on-1 priority mentorship over non-members from Levi himself!