PSK Trading Boot Camp

Stock Hunter Trading is bringing back classes from one of the top fundamental daytraders, PSK2329! A full-time trader, you may have seen PSK2329 on Twitter providing great market analysis and alerts. As part of the “PSK Trading Boot Camp,” he will be imparting his wisdom and the strategies he uses on a day-to-day basis. Class will meet weekly after market close on Thursdays from 8 PM – 9 PM EST or longer. Our goal is to increase your knowledge of the markets and build a solid foundation which to grow upon. Topics for the “PSK Trading Boot Camp” include but are not limited to:


Learn how to read, prepare, react and play the best equity and options setups.


Understand what to look for and how to play each phase of the biotech life cycle.


Includes PSK’s setups, how/why he trades them and how to scale in and out of positions.


Learn how to read a company’s intrinsic value based on income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

Macro & Micro

Discuss how policy, the Fed, banks, news, and economy impact markets. Learn how to follow sectors and key indicators.


See how PSK reads the news, interprets it and then plays it. Review analyst calls and what to look for in setups.


Learn how PSK trades them, what he looks for and a basic understanding of different options strategies. Learn how to play and maximize “lottos”.


Have a foundation and be able to evaluate good risk/reward management in seconds.
Develop a consistent trading strategy.

Weekly Recaps

Each week PSK will discuss the action so far and what to expect moving forward. He will discuss what he is looking at and how to create a plan for it.

Sign up today for the “PSK Trading Boot Camp” for only $299! You will have access to previous recordings as well as 1-on-1 priority mentorship over non-members from PSK himself. Purchase the Class Bundle and save 33% when you take both classes together! Next classroom starts on March 12th!